Bring in those old ski’s and let us bring them back to life!

Our ski waxing service is second to none and in most cases less than a 24 hour turnaround. Remember, just because your ski’s are waxless does not mean you never wax them. A waxless ski just does not need kickwax due to the scales in the middle of the ski. You still need to wax the tip and tail with glide. Not only does that increase performance but adds years to your ski’s life.


Once applied the wax lasts about 10 uses before losing its effectiveness. Wax’s have temperature ranges and differ from mid winter to spring temp usage.

Glide wax to a waxless or skate ski is $19.99

Glide and kick wax if needed is $28.99

We also can glide wax and sharpen downhill ski’s and snowboards for $29.95

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