We are a family orientated bike shop and realize your children grow out of their bikes quickly. Therefore we offer a kids bike trade up program.

Any child’s bike purchased at Sheboygan Bicycle Company can be traded in for another bicycle after they grow out of their existing bike and receive up to 50% of purchase price towards the price of the new bike based on condition at trade time. Must be within 3 years of purchase.

EXAMPLE: Purchase a Trek Jet 16 for 199.99. Trade it in later to purchase a Trek Jet 20 for $219.99 and get up to $100.00 in trade based on condition.

Jet 20……….$219.99

Jet 16 trade -$100.00

You pay $119.99 for the new bike that retails for $219.99 and its eligible for up to $109.00 trade when the child needs to go to a 24in wheel.

Your child gets to ride a quality bike built and serviced by your local Trek dealer, rather than a department store bike that is not built well, does not receive any service and retains no value. And don’t forget all kids under 16 must wear a helmet!

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