Welcome to the Sheboygan Bicycle Company! We are proud to be Sheboygan’s newest and the area’s only Trek Bicycle Company dealer.
Located in the beautiful downtown district of Sheboygan.
This bike shop was created for the bike obsessed, by the bike obsessed. Both Brian and myself ride everyday and know firsthand of the products we sell. We also went out of our way to offer you the best products from Wisconsin based companys including Trek, Mt. Borah, Saris Products, Planet Bike and don’t forget Sheboygan’s own Wigwam to name just a few. We even bank at a Wisconsin based bank. When you purchase from us you invest in your local community!
One of our main interests will be the commuting aspect of the cycling industry. We will be focusing on providing the Sheboygan area with the hardware and knowledge to ditch the car and ride to work or school. This aspect is near and dear to my heart. More on this later……
Both Brian and I are pumped to be able to do this to the point of losing sleep! This is really a dream come true for us! We are in the process of gearing up and hope to be open by May 1st.
Check back soon for more info!
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