It’s¬†time for winter sports! When its snowy and cold don’t get left inside! We have cross country ski and snowshoe rental! Not sure if CC skiing or snowshoeing is for you? Stop in to rent a set and if you purchase we will take the cost of the rentals off the price! Try before you buy!


We have all the stuff to keep you active in winter!


Already own a set of cross country skis? Don’t forget we can get those old ski’s up and running like new! Our ski service can wax your skis with a 24 hour turnaround! Remember, just because your skis are labeled “waxless” you still need to wax the tip and tail glide area on the ski!



And don’t forget we have the fatbikes to keep you riding all winter. Plus all the accessories you need to keep them rolling! Priced to sell!